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Wonder, explore, imagine, and connect with other local families - all from the comfort of your own home!

There are new adventures every week! 

Share your family's experiences of this historic event!

Like the Great Depression, Word Wars 1& 2, and 9/11, school children of the future will be told the historic tales of the Global Pandemic of 2020. 

Be part of preserving these events for future generations!

kid-friendly resources

Kid-Friendly resources to learn about Fort Langley & B.C.

To highlight and honour the rich diversity of Fort Langley's people and natural environment, we are working with our local partners to compile available resources as well as creating new kid-friendly content. 

Making local history accessible for all ages!

What is Learn Fort Langley?

Imagine Fort Langley as a puzzle.

So many fascinating pieces mixed together into one beautiful place - pieces representing the physical, social, cultural, spiritual, historical, political, and economic landscapes. 

Learn Fort Langley wants to be the picture on the front of your puzzle box -  showing you how all those pieces fit together.

Our local supporters...

We wouldn't be here without the time and talents of our generous supporters. 

Come journey with us as we discover more about our place in Fort Langley - the birthplace of British Columbia.