Every story matters.

You are making history right now.

 Just as we have grown up learning of historical events like the Great Depression and World Wars 1 & 2, children of the future will be told historic tales of the Global Pandemic of 2020. 

You can be part of documenting these historic events for future generations.

Learn Fort Langley projects are open to everyone, everywhere. Documents will be preserved and curated in collaboration with the 
Langley Centennial Museum and the Royal BC Museum.

 Share your story.

How has the pandemic affected your life?

View our growing list of topics to guide your reflections.

Write or draw about your experiences in any way you want. 

We have a variety of helpful pages available to download.

Your story matters.

Stories can be submitted electronically, by mail, or in person within Fort Langley.

Submit Your Stories

Your Story Matters!


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